About Mahana Life

MAHANA means "sun" and "warmth" in Tahitian.

Jodi Usher

Jodi Usher, MAHANA Founder, created MAHANA after an inspiring trip to Bora Bora with her husband in 2018. As a couple, they spend their leisure time traveling to various beaches worldwide, and Jodi had always been concerned with sun damage and obsessed with protective skincare measures. Sunscreen had always irritated her skin, particularly her face. While in Bora Bora, she learned from locals the benefits of Monoi Oil included moisturizing skin and hair and a natural SPF 10 for mild skin protection. Monoi de Tahiti has a hint of Tahitian gardenias, her favorite "after bath" moisturizer in the cold Maryland winters. In the summer months, she prefers the light scent of coconut or vanilla when sunbathing and pineapple is the official scent of vacation!

Delivering this ancient beauty secret to the USA is where MAHANA is rooted. In keeping with MAHANA's mission to provide healthy products that allow you to enjoy the sun, they began designing UPF 50 towels. Bora Bora is the inspiration for the 2021 Summer collection. 

"We can find everything we truly need in nature. We need fewer phones and more sun."- Jodi Usher