Bath Towel vs MAHANA Travel Towel

When planning a fun-filled day on the water, it's important to pick the right towel to make the most of your fun in the sun. A bath towel may be perfect to dry off and keep you cozy after a shower, but they are less than ideal for fun in the sun, whether you are playing water sports, boating, going to the beach or just taking a dip in the pool. 

Bath towels (and many beach towels) are bulky and take up extra room in your travel bag, not to mention the added weight when they’re wet and the awful smell that can quickly follow. It is best to have a towel that is lightweight, fast drying, and provides superior UV sun protection. MAHANA Travel Towel has all those qualities and is made of an anti-bacterial fabric. It is perfect for any water excursion! 

Compact & Lightweight: MAHANA Travel Towel are compact and fold into the size of a standard washcloth making them easy to carry, which gives you more room in your travel bag. Our towels weigh less than a wallet, making them great for any bag, large or small. Even the kiddos can carry their own beach towel with ease! 

Sun Protection: The UPF 50 sun protection woven into our fabric provides protection for anyone with sun sensitivity or sunscreen allergies, and the size allows you to cover up those areas that may need a little rest from the sun. Best of all, our lightweight fabrics means that you stay breezy and cool in the heat! Plus, if the kids (or adults) have a nap, the MAHANA Towel is the perfect for shielding the sun's rays. 

Fast Drying: Though most bath or beach towels soak up water, they’re immediately heavier, and harder to carry. Because of the length of time they take to dry, they can begin to smell and can become a breeding ground for bacteria. MAHANA Travel Towel dries 3x faster than the standard beach towel, keeping them fresh, and the antimicrobial fabric means that mold, mildew and bacteria don’t stand a chance! 

Multi-Use: MAHANA Travel Towel also double as a sarong or coverup. Our breathable stretch microfiber fabric comes in a multitude of beautiful designs so you can find the perfect look to compliment any swimsuit 

Whether you’re a boat owner, traveler, hiker or just someone who enjoys the water, the towel you bring along should be one that’s made to go with you. MAHANA Travel Towel is made for the journey! 

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