What is Authentic Monoi de Tahiti Oil?

Adhering to a process that was developed thousands of years ago, Monoi oil is the product of a uniquely exclusive maceration technique to gently extract the aromatic ingredients of the Tiaré flower as it’s steeped in purified coconut oil for at least 10 days. In 1992, the French Polynesian government documented the strict standards of this process to protect the integrity of the oil, and which carry an Appellation of Origin seal (similar to how sparkling wine must be from the Champagne region of France to label as Champagne). Monoi is the first cosmetic product to take such a measure.


  • Coconuts (Cocos nucifera) must be grown in the nutrient-rich coral soil of Tahiti and not harvested until they’ve reached maturity.
  • Tiare flower (Gardenia taitensis) must be handpicked at the buds and used within 24 hours of harvesting
  • Maceration (flower bath) must last a minimum of 10 days and include at least 10 flowers per liter of coconut oil.

Authentic Monoi will typically begin to solidify at 74°F (23.3°C) or below. To melt the oil, simply float the bottle in warm water or expose it to sunlight. The oil can solidify and melt over and over without losing any of its potency or scent. * Do not microwave.

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